The Web Editor is calling for new contents for IAEG Webinar to improve the number of 30-40min presentations on specific subjects concerning engineering geology.

The Webinar can be recorded byself  (or during congress) and sent to the IAEG Web Editor

La Geodinámica Externa – Dr Sergio Mora Castro

Sergio MoraAuthor

Webinar Japan National Group

Tomochika TokunagaAuthor
PhD in Applied Earth Sciences (The University of Tokyo), B. Sc., M. Sc., in Structural Geology (The University of Tokyo).

Study of active faults that cross lifelines

Alexander StromAuthor

Mechanical behavior of rock materials with reference to weathering grades

Arindam Basu Author

E-YEG webinar series

More webinars organized by YEG can be found via the following link

Introduction to geoethics: definition, concepts and application

Silvia PeppoloniAuthor
Current Position: PhD geologist

Earth Fissure Disater in East African Rift System

Peng JianbingAuthor
Current Position: President of Chinese Society of Engineering Geology.

Assessing Rock Mass Behaviour for Tunnelling

Vassilis P. MarinosAuthor
Current Position: Associate Professor Of The Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki, Greece Laboratory Of Engineering Geology

Behaviour of anisotropic rokmassess. A new rokmass classification system

Haris SaroglouAuthor
Current Position: Senior Teaching & Research Associate, School Of Civil Engineering, NTUA, Greece

Sustainable Groundwater Development in Africa: Insights from the field

Dr. Kerstin DanertAuthor
Current Position: Director of the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) Secretariat

A three-dimensional analysis of excavation-induced perturbations in the opalinus clay

Simon LöwAuthor
Current Position: Professor Of Engineering Geology At The Institute Of Geology Of The ETH Zurich

Geotechnical Monitoring Results – Analysis & Interpretation

Dr. Dionysios KoumoutsakosAuthor
Current Position: Engineering Geologist, Geotecnical Section, Beca Group

Controversial issues of large-scale bedrock landslides identification

Alexander Strom, PhDAuthor
Current Position: PhD Research And Applied Studies Geodynamics Reseach Center

Importance of Data Collection for Integrated DFN-FDEM Modelling of Rock Slope Problems

Davide Elmo, PhDAuthor
Current Position: PhD, Assistant Professor (Rock Mechanics)

Monitoring and warning system for debris flow

Dr. Massimo ArattanoAuthor
Current Position: Researcher CNR IRPI

Mapping, Monitoring and Modelling of Rockslides

Prof. Giovanni B. CrostaAuthor
Current Position: Geological And Geotechological Sciences Dipartment University Of Milano Bicocca

Rock Mass classification, an engineering geological assessment. Application and limitation

Prof. Paul G. MarinosAuthor
Current Position: National Technical University Of Athens (Emeritus)

Climatic Warming – Using the Past to Prepare for the Future of Increased Landslide and Other

Prof. Scott BurnsAuthor
The International Research Association on Large Landslides

Free lectures on large landslides from iRALL

The International Research Association on Large Landslides