On April 15, 2017, Prof. Dr. Victor I. Osipov (Russia) celebrates his 80th birthday. Victor Osipov is well known to the engineering geological community all over the world. He is the full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director (1990-2016) and Scientific Advisor (since 2016) of the Sergeev Institute of Environmental Geoscience RAS, President of the Russian national group IAEG.

Prof. Victor OSIPOV is the leading Russian scientist in environmental geoscience, engineering geology, soil and rock engineering. V.I. Osipov has contributed to the world and Russian science with the considerable achievements in the prediction, study of mechanisms and regularities of the development of geological hazards, natural risks assessment theory, and minimization of natural disasters consequences. His works in the area of natural safety of megacities and industrial centers, the development of monitoring systems and engineering protection of territories from natural hazards are well known both in Russia and abroad. The area of his scientific interest also includes soil and rock engineering, investigation of soil composition and properties, physicochemical soil mechanics. He has developed a new theory of effective stresses in soils, which takes into account the internal stresses caused by the molecular, electrostatic, and structural mechanical forces.

Being a student and the follower of academician E.M. Sergeev (1914-1997), Victor Osipov graduated from the Moscow State University, and for more than 40 years he was engaged in the education of university students in engineering geology and soil engineering. About 40 PhD dissertations and a lot of MSc diploma projects were performed under his guidance. Now, V.I. Osipov is an honorary professor of the Moscow State University.

V.I. Osipov is the author of more than 600 scientific publications (including 13 monographs and 20 patents of inventions). His scientific achievements were recognized by a number of governmental prizes and honorary awards in Russia.

Prof. Victor Osipov is undoubtedly a scientist of international repute. He maintains professional contacts with many prominent researchers in engineering geology all over the world. He is an honorary professor of the Geological Institute of Chinese Academy of Science. In different years he was a lecturing professor at the universities of USA, Japan, China, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland.

Prof. Victor Osipov has contributed significantly to the International Association of Engineering Geology and the Environment. In 1986-1990, he took the office of Vice President IAEG for Europe; and for many years, he remains the leader of the Russian national group IAEG. In 2012, his professional achievements on the international level were marked by the highest IAEG award, i.e., the Hans Cloos medal.

International Association of Engineering Geology and the Environment heartily congratulates Victor Osipov with his anniversary and wishes good health and further scientific achievements and creative deeds to him for many years ahead