Kathmandu, 26 November 2017


Our vision is a world in which the risk to human life and to the built environment caused by geological interaction is appropriately understood, managed and reduced.


To provide our members through their National Groups and therefore society with the means to recognize and appropriately manage the problems created by the interaction between geology and human works and activities.


Objective Description
1. Provide worldwide leadership in Engineering Geology Provide guidance regarding the science and practice of Engineering Geology, including coordination and direction of its international aspects. This is accomplished through the formation of National Groups and supporting their activities.
2. Be a public voice in Engineering Geology worldwide Participate in and provide comment on Engineering Geology matters of international importance in the public domain.
3. Support, foster & communicate research, innovation & the practice of Engineering Geology Promote & encourage the advancement of Engineering Geology through technological activities & research.
Provide avenues and opportunities for engineering geology research and practice to be conveyed around the world.
4. Promote education & training in Engineering Geology & provide support to the profession Support and invigorate the importance and quality of education & training in Engineering Geology.
Support and endorse the development of professional registration standards.
Provide guidance on career development in Engineering Geology including mentoring and provision of resources to enhance professional development.
5. Promote professional standards in Engineering Geology Support and endorse the development of methods, codes of practice & guidelines in engineering geology for different geo-environments.
6. Help facilitate networking and continuing professional development opportunities for engineering geologists Encourage greater interaction among engineering geologists internationally through avenues such as technical sessions, social events and through social networking.
7. Ensure the long term financial viability & management of the Association Financial viability and sustainability is critical to the ongoing success of any organisation; this will be achieved through appropriate financial monitoring and auditing procedures.
Operation of the Association should involve management procedures that are appropriate to cope with change and implement decisions in a timely fashion.