Dr. Sergio Mora’s book on “External Geodynamics: Geomechanical, Climatic and Risk Aspect” (In Spanish)

The Argentine Association of Geology Applied to Engineering (ASAGAI) has recently announced the publication of the book “EXTERNAL GEODYNAMICS, Geomechanical, hydrogeological, climatic and risk aspects” by Dr. Serio Mora Castro.
The book, in Spanish, is now available for international sale in its digital version and can be purchased through any of the following links:

The book is the first of its kind published by the Argentine Association of Geology Applied to Engineering (https://asagai.org.ar/) in digital and printed format, and has been the result of a great effort, time, and dedication together with the author.
Its printed format is only available for purchases within Argentina. You can access in: https://asagai.org.ar/tienda/
You can also access the video of its presentation at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CV6P68HqLVM