The IAEG holds an international congress every four years, hosted by a country with a national group. Additionally, an international meeting is organised by the IAEG, in many cases on the occasion of, and in conjunction with, the International Geological Congress (IGC). National groups are encouraged to organise symposia on specific engineering geological subjects, under the auspices of the IAEG, in those years in which no IAEG international congress occurs.

Year City Description
2018San Francisco (USA)XIII IAEG Congress Engineering geology for a sustainable world
2016Kathmandu (Nepal)The 11th asian regional conference of IAEG
2014Turin (Italy)12th IAEG Congress, “Engineering geology for society and territory”
2013Beijing (China)International symposium and 9th Asian regional conference of the IAEG: “Global view of engineering geology and the environment”
2012Banff (Canada)During the 11th International and 2nd North American symposium on “Landslides”
2011Moscow (Russia)International symposium: “Environmental geosciences and engineering survey for territory protection and population safety”
2010Auckland (New Zealand) 11th IAEG Congress, “Geologically active”
2009Chengdu (China)International symposium and 7th Asian Regional conference of the IAEG
2008Madrid (Spain)2nd European regional conference of the IAEG
2007Vail, Colorado (USA)During the 1st North American conference on “Landslides”
2006Nottingham (United Kingdom)10th IAEG Congress, “Engineering geology for tomorrow cities”
2005Lyon (France)International symposium: “Geology and linear infrastructures”
2004Florence (Italy)During the 32nd IGC
2003Istanbul (Turkey)International symposium: “Construction materials and building stones”
2002Durban (South Africa) 9th IAEG Congress, “Engineering geology for developing countries”
2001Helsinki (Finland)International symposium: “Aggregates”
2000Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)During the 31st IGC
1999Kathmandu (Nepal)International symposium: “Engineering geology, hydrogeology and natural disasters with emphasis on Asia”
1998Vancouver (Canada)8th IAEG Congress, “A global view from the Pacific Rim”
1997Athens (Greece)International symposium: “Engineering geology and the environment”
1996Beijing (China)During the 30th IGC
1995Copenhagen (Denmark)The executive and council meetings were organised during the XI European conference on Soil Mechanics with the theme: “The interplay between engineering geology and geotechnical engineering”
1994Lisbon (Portugal)7th IAEG Congress Vol. 1
7th IAEG Congress Vol. 2
7th IAEG Congress Vol. 3
7th IAEG Congress Vol. 4
7th IAEG Congress Vol. 5
7th IAEG Congress Vol. 6
7th IAEG Congress Final
1993Montpellier (France)International symposium: “Geology and confinement of toxic wastes”
1992Kyoto (Japan)During the 29th IGC
1991Sfax (Tunisia)International symposium: “Urban geology”
1990Amsterdam (Netherland) 6th IAEG Congress
1989Washington DC (USA)During the 28th IGC
1988Athens (Greece)International symposium: “Engineering geology as related to the study preservation and protection of ancient works, monuments and historical sites”
1987Beijing (China) International symposium: “Engineering geological environment in mountainous areas”
1986Buenos Aires (Argentina)5th IAEG Congress Vol. 1
5th IAEG Congress Vol. 2
5th IAEG Congress Vol. 3
5th IAEG Congress Vol. 4
5th IAEG Congress Vol. 5
5th IAEG Congress Vol. 6
5th IAEG Congress Vol. 7
5th IAEG Congress Vol. 8
1985Winston - Salem, North Carolina (USA) International symposium: ·Engineering geology and waste disposal”. The council meeting was held in Washington DC
1984Moscow (Russia)During the 27th IGC
1983Lisbon (Portugal)International symposium: “Engineering geology and underground construction” Vol. 1
International symposium: “Engineering geology and underground construction” Vol. 2
International symposium: “Engineering geology and underground construction” Vol. 3
1982New Delhi (India)4th IAEG Congress Vol 1
4th IAEG Congress Vol 2
4th IAEG Congress Vol 3
4th IAEG Congress Vol 4
4th IAEG Congress Vol 5
4th IAEG Congress Vol 6
4th IAEG Congress Vol 7
4th IAEG Congress Vol 8
4th IAEG Congress
1981Istanbul (Turkey)International symposium: “Engineering geology problems related to construction on soluble rocks”
1980Paris (France)During the 26th IGC
1979Tbilisi (USSR, Georgia)International symposium: “Engineering geological problems related to hydrotechnical construction” and the meeting of the IAEG Council
1978Madrid (Spain) 3rd IAEG Congress
1977Prague (Czechoslovakia)International symposium: “Landslides and other mass movements”
1976Sydney (Australia)During the 25th IGC
1975Krefeld (Germany)There was no conference of any type. Only the executive committee and the Council met in Krefeld and a meeting to Fortuna Mine (Coal-lignite) was arranged by Richard Wolters
1974São Paulo (Brazil)2th IAEG Congress
1973Hanover (Germany) International symposium: “Sink-holes and subsidence: Engineering geological problems related to soluble rocks”
1972Montreal (Canada)During the 24th IGC
1971Moscow (USSR, Russia)International symposium: “Engineering geological properties of clays and processes in them”
1970Paris (France)1st IAEG Congress
1969Paris (France)1st meeting of the executive committee
1968Brno (Czechoslavakia)During the conference “Grout curtains in hydrotechnical construction”
1968Prague (Czechoslovakia)1st General Assembly of the IAEG during the 23rd IGC
1967Paris (France)1st meeting of the provisional Board of the IAEG
1964New Delhi (India)Creation of the IAEG during the 22nd International Geological Congress (IGC)
Year City Description
2021Virtually in Singapore13th Asian Regional Conference (ARC13) of International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG)
2015New Delhi (India)International Conference on “Engineering Geology in the New Millenium” (EGNM 2015)

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2011Bangalore (India)8th Asian regional conference of IAEG on “Underground space technology”
2009Chengdu (China)7th Asian regional conference of IAEG on “Geological engineering problems in major construction projects”
2007Seoul (South Korea)6th Asian regional conference on “Geohazard in engineering geology”
2005Kathmandu (Nepal)5th Asian regional conference on “Engineering geology, hydrology, and natural disasters”
2004Hong Kong (China)4th Asian regional conference on “Engineering geology for sustainable development in mountainous areas”
2001YogyaKarta (Indonesia)3rd Asian regional conference on “Natural resources management for regional development in tropical area”
1999Bangi (Malaysia)2nd Asian regional conference on “Engineering geology: Planning for sustainable development”
1997Tokyo (Japan)1st Asian regional conference on “Dam geology”
Year City Description
2021Athens (Greece)3rd European Regional Conference of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment - Volume 1
3rd European Regional Conference of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment - Volume 2
2016Sofia (Bulgaria)International symposium Challenges for engineering geology and geotechnics after natural disasters
2008Madrid (Spain) 2nd European regional conference of IAEG: “Cities and their underground environment”
2004Liège (Belgium)1st European regional conference of IAEG: “Professional practices and engineering geological methods”