Dear all,

The International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG) is soliciting your valuable contributions. We kindly request your assistance in providing historical photographs from past IAEG meetings and conferences. These images stand as a testament to our organization’s rich history and the progress we have achieved over the years.

Furthermore, we are keen to receive photographs and drone videos that illustrate key engineering geological concepts. Your contributions will undoubtedly benefit our global community.
Moreover, we welcome any other pertinent materials or content you may possess. Your support in sharing these resources is greatly appreciated and will aid us in advancing our mission of promoting responsible engineering geology worldwide. Please send your contributions to

The materials will be utilized to promote IAEG initiatives. By sharing your materials, you grant consent for the IAEG board to freely use them for these purposes. We extend our gratitude for your involvement in the IAEG community and for your dedication to the field of Engineering Geology and the Environment.