Dear IAEG members,

With this last message relating to the outstanding performances of the volumes of the proceedings of the XII IAEG Congress in Turin in 2014, after 13 years of collaboration with Presidents: Fred Baynes, Carlos Delgado, Scott Burns and Rafig Azzam, my activity as Web Editor of the IAEG site end.

The IAEG is a large community, and the position of Web Editor has allowed me to appreciate the strong bond that characterises the shared passion for engineering geology of the members of the IAEG. This connection unites people from all over the world, reducing distances and differences in peaceful coexistence for the development and growth of people worldwide.

This is one of the most important elements that distinguish our Association which must be implemented and preserved, especially today, in a world characterised by conflicts and divisions.

This is the main task of the IAEG, and I hope that the new President and the top management will continue to work in this direction.

Thanks to IAEG, and I wish a great future for a bigger IAEG!

Finally, thanks to the IRPI – CNR team, which contributed to the management of the website and to the success of the XII IAEG Congress.

All the Best
Giorgio Lollino