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8th International Conference on Flood and Urban Water Management
6–8 July 2022 – Milan, Italy

FRIAR 2022 is organized by the Wessex Institute, UK, University of Wolverhampton, UK and Polytechnic of Milan, Italy. It is sponsored by WIT Transactions on the Built Environment and the International Journal of Environmental Impacts.

FRIAR 2022 brings together social scientists, surveyors, engineers, scientists, and other professionals from many countries involved in research and development activities in a wide range of technical and management topics related to the challenges faced with flooding and urban water systems.

Conference Topics

Flood risk management
Flood warning and forecasting
Flood response and recovery
Flood protection
Flood modelling
Flood mitigation
Flood vulnerability
Climate change impact
Flood damage assessment
Socio and economic impact
Community engagement
Emergency planning
Blue-green infrastructure
Resilient approaches
Catchment-based approaches
Natural flood management
Remote sensing in flood applications
Risk areas
Property flood resilience

Urban Water Systems
Water supply networks
Leakage and losses
Modelling and experimentation
Safety and security of water systems
Water quality
Water savings and reuse
Wastewater treatment and reuse
Urban drainage systems
Stormwater management
Watershed management
Structural works and infrastructure
Maintenance and repairs
Sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDs)
Rainwater harvesting
Water and sewage systems in urban areas
Water retention

Case studies

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