Commission C32 was initially proposed informally during the IAEG Congress in Auckland in September 2010 with the following objective:

To promote the increased involvement of engineering geology in the appropriate design, construction and maintenance of sustainable rural infrastructure within developing countries and hence contribute to the alleviation of rural poverty

The formation of Commission C32 is now formally accepted by the IAEG.

12th International Congress.

A session relevant to the work of C32 has been proposed and accepted for the above Congress. The session, entitled “ENGINEERING GEOLOGY IN RURAL INFRASTRUCTURE PLANNING” is based on the following statement:

There are increasing demands for improved rural infrastructure to support development and help to reduce poverty in developing countries. Engineering geology has an important role to play in delivering tools for developers to overcome the challenges in planning sustainable infrastructure development within an environment of low budgets and low resource allocation. Over the last 20 years Engineering Geology has been closely involved in key aspects of cost-effective rural development through innovative approaches for:

1. Specification and use of local construction materials.

2. Low cost identification and avoidance of natural hazards

3. Low-cost stabilisation of road-side slopes

4. Appropriate development of natural resources

Abstracts have been reviewed and either recommended for inclusion or consideration for other sessions.

Initial Discussion Paper

The abstract and outline of the Commission discussion paper proposed in the ToR has been prepared and it is intended present this paper at the above Congress. This paper will be C32’s first output and it reviews and outlines the contribution of engineering geology to the alleviation of poverty through appropriate design and construction of rural infrastructure, using typical examples. Details are as follows:

An Overview of Engineering Geology and Sustainable Rural Infrastructure Development

Dr Jasper Cook, OTB Vietnam Ltd, Vietnam

Dr Gareth Hearn, Hearn Geoserve Ltd, UK

Dr Phil Paige-Green, Consultant South Africa

Dominic Hagues, OTB Engineering LLP, UK


Jasper Cook