We posting the piece of exciting news that a Chinese geologists Team, succeeded in predicting a large rock slide in one hour advance before the landslide actually occurred on 17th Feb in Guizhou province, China.
The goal is to willing to share their experience with the international community to reduce the risk of future landslides.
A catastrophe was prevented due to the early warning and organized emergency response of the local government, saving more than 400 people’s lives and 50 million RMB economic loss. The event ends without causing any fatalities and losses.
These all thanks to the real-time early warning system developed by the State Key Laboratory of Geohazard Prevention and Geoenvironment Protection (SKLGP), leading by Prof. Runqiu Huang and Prof. Qiang Xu. In the past two years, the system has successfully predicted several landslides with various failure mechanisms. Our early warning system has been tested to be a valuable tool risk reduction and it empowers the community by providing timely alerts spanning hours, thus saving invaluable lives.