Are you interested to join our expanding network and collaborate on fruitful ideas related to Engineering Geology and the Environment? We are waiting for you!


The Young Engineering Geologists Committee was formally established by the IAEG council in 2016 and recognizes the younger (under 40) members of the IAEG. We are seeking new members for a 2-year term.

The YEG Committee is focused on promoting activities and engagements for younger members of IAEG as well as providing services to the young members.

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About the IAEG

  • Our Vision

A world in which the risk to human life and to the built environment caused by geological interaction is appropriately understood, managed and reduced.

  • Our Mission

To provide society with the means to recognize and appropriately manage the problems created by the interaction between geology and human works and activities.

  • Our Members

IAEG has over 4600 members from more than 69 countries around the world. Our membership is diverse and includes practitioners, researchers and teachers in government, industry, and academia.

  • Our Structure

Founded in 1964 the IAEG is administered by an Executive with the current President based in Germany, Secretariat in China and the Treasurer in France. Each region of the world is represented on the Executive by a Vice President. Each year the National Groups meet with the Executive through the Council.


Young Engineering Geologists (YEG)

The YEGs are the active young member (under 40 years old) chapter of the IAEG. The YEG membership is represented by a dynamic network of YEG representatives from many regions around the world which form the local YEGs or national representatives. The Management Committee is the main core of the YEG network and they are responsible for the YEG outcome. Our goal is to promote the interests of young members and their involvement within the IAEG, by facilitating networking and organizing relevant events around the world. All under 40 Geo experts are invited to join our group.


Our objectives

  • Provide worldwide leadership in Engineering Geology
  • Be the voice of the international Engineering Geology profession
  • Support, foster and communicate research, innovation and the practice of Engineering Geology
  • Promote education and training in Engineering Geology and provide support to the profession
  • Promote professional standards in Engineering Geology and provide networking opportunities for Engineering Geologists





How to Apply:

We are seeking current IAEG members under the age of 40 who want to be part of the international association which provides global leadership in Engineering Geology, facilitates professional development and to make new friends around the world.


Your application needs to include:


How to be a member of the YEG-IAEG

  • Short video presentation (5-10 minutes)

The video should introduce yourself and your background and cover your proposed initiatives, ideas, and actions for the role.

  • Short resume (2-3 pages)
  • Official letter from National IAEG Group or the Vice-President of the region (Letter of support from the National Group of the candidate signed from the President)


Applications are to be submitted electronically to the YEG email ( by 30 of September 2021. We especially encourage young IAEG members from Africa and North America to apply.