IAEG – International technical Committee C28 titled “Reliability quantification of the geological model in large civil engineering projects” open a CALL for PARTICIPATION to all Engineering Geologists who:
1) work in the field of large infrastructures construction and daily must take into account the geological model variability and heterogeneity;
2) work in the academic world and has expertise in managing big data, data mining, data fusion in several branches of applied geology world;
3) are expert in statistical and geostatistical methods, in machine learning, neural networks, and data-driven methods and models;
4) are interested in developing methods to quantify the uncertainties related to measured parameters and derived variables and the soil and rock natural variability in complex geological contests and not optimized sampling.
The C28 members will be engaged in discussing several topics related to the Reliability quantification in geological subsoil reconstruction that is multi-purpose and affects several areas of engineering geology, such as hydro-mechanical subsoil characterization for geotechnical designing, tunneling, groundwater flow and contaminant transport in subsoil, and mining, among others As a result the main activities of this technical committee will be promoting the circulation of reports and rules in this field of study, organizing conferences and workshops yearly and meeting once or twice a year, to plan altogether future activities.

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