Starting with volume 78 (2019) the journal “Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment” will be using the “Continuous Article Publishing” publication model. All accepted articles will immediately be published in an issue, and Springer’s “Online First” model, which uses the online publication of un-paginated articles, will become obsolete.

Instead of consecutive pagination of articles throughout a volume, each article will get an internal pagination beginning with page 1. In addition, every article will receive an Article Citation ID number. This unique article identifier will be visible on every page of an article and will replace the page numbers in the citation line.


Old: Bull Eng Geol Environ (2017) 76: 839-853
New: Bull Eng Geol Environ (2019) 78: 1 (The last number is the Article Citation ID)

As a result, all articles will have their full and final citation information available as soon as the production process is complete. This change does not affect the production time from acceptance to online publication of an article, but since the articles will be published online immediately in their final form, the overall publication time for articles will become shorter.

Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment’s authors will benefit from this change and the new system will simplify referencing of articles.