The BOEG Editors-in-Chief, Louis Wong and Arindam Basu, are pleased to announce the successful completion of the BOEG session, which took place on September 23, 2023, during the XIV IAEG Congress.

The session, which provided valuable insights into the official journal of the IAEG, was attended by a number of Congress participants. As the session commenced, the Editor-in-Chief Louis Wong led attendees on a fascinating journey through the history of BOEG. From its beginnings in 1970 as a simple artisanal publication to its current status as a highly respected scientific journal, BOEG has significantly impacted the fields of engineering geology, and related environmental and geoscience studies.

The session also included a comprehensive statistical assessment of recent BOEG submissions and publications, providing participants with a clear understanding of the journal’s reach and influence.


Editor-in-Chief Louis Wong welcoming session participants

Attendees gained valuable insights into manuscript preparation and submission, ensuring that their work stands out among the numerous high-quality submissions received by BOEG. Highlighting the importance of the peer-review process, the session concluded with a presentation of certificates of appreciation to a select group of twenty-four top BOEG reviewers. These individuals have demonstrated unwavering dedication to the peer-review process, significantly contributing to the academic credibility of BOEG. For top reviewers unable to attend the Congress in person, certificates of appreciation were sent to them following the event, acknowledging their vital contributions.

Editor-in-Chief Louis Wong presenting certificates to top reviewers

The BOEG session served as an excellent opportunity for participants to gain a deeper understanding of BOEG’s history, submission process, and the essential work of its reviewers. Both Editors-in-Chief would like to extend their gratitude to Ms. Nishita Gajendragadkar and Ms. Xiaoli Pei from Springer Nature for their invaluable assistance in organizing and executing the BOEG session. Their efforts significantly contributed to the event’s success.