By Scott Burns

As we head into our annual IAEG council meeting in New Delhi, India, we can look back and say we have had a great year with IAEG! We started off with a terrific meeting in Italy under the leadership of Giorgio Lollino and his committee. At the meeting we had a record number of attendees, abstracts, and pages of printed papers, plus for the first time we did videotaped lectures
that went onto the website.The website also continues to improve, again under the leadership of Giorgio Lollino, with easier access to our committees and to our organization and to the videotaped lectures.The bulletin continues to do well under the leadership of Martin Culshaw. We are hitting 200 pages per issue which is superb, and also we now have abstracts in not only two languages, but up to three (if the author’s native language is different from English or French). The treasury for the organization under the leadership of Jean-Alain Fleurisson is very healthy. Our relationship with FedIGS is very strong with our sister societies, and this partnership benefits all of us. All of these successes were done under the leadership of Past President, Carlos Delgado and his executive committee – we thank all of them! At our council meeting coming up we also have some good challenges to discuss. First, what directions are we going to make with electronic publishing? Second, I appointed a sub-committee to investigate possible fee changes for becoming a member, based on electronic publishing choices. We will discuss that report at the meeting. Last year, we passed two new awards and now must get them started. The STA (Science and Technology Awards) and the TPA (Technology Progress Awards) will be discussed and methods of starting both will be decided upon. Planning for our next congress in September, 2018 in San Francisco, USA is well under way, and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be signed at this meeting. Ideas for better communications with all members in between our official newsletters will also be discussed – there are some spectacular and cheap possibilities out there.
I am excited for our upcoming meeting. Congratulations to all of those who have helped during this past year, especially Faquan Wu, our Secretary General, who with his staff in China have held the organization together! I got a chance to meet the staff when I was in China for the Fedigs meeting. We also would like to thank our Vice-President for Asia, Yogendra Deva, for his organization of the outstanding conference we will be attending in New Delhi after the Council meeting.