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Landslide Analysis

An Engineering Geology MSc Course offered by ETH Zuerich
Copywrite and Lecturers: Löw Simon, Andrea Wolter
Recorded: Spring Semester 2017

Learing Goals: The overall aim of this integration course is to prepare you for dealing with landslide problems in the real world. You will gain knowledge and application experience in the fields of recognition, mapping and monitoring of landslides, the appropriate use of slope stability analysis, and mitigation measures.

Topics Covered: Landslide Types, Morphological Phenomena of Landslides, Landslide Formation Mechanisms, Landslide Temporal Evolution, Landslide Monitoring, Landslide Hazard Mitigation and Early Warning

Didactic Concept: The course is a blended learning course with lectures,
workshops, excursions and three case studies. Only the lectures are covered on this website.