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Dr Dionysios Koumoutsakos


Current position

Engineering Geologist, Geotecnical Section, Beca Group


Main activities and research interests

Part of the Waterview Connection tunnel and interchange project – the largest and most complex roading project ever undertaken in New Zealand – as the Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring Manager. 

At Waterview, responsible for planning and managing installation of monitoring instrumentation, managing monitoring data and reporting where trigger levels are being approached or breached. Also provide support for the project’s Design team to facilitate the successful completion of various construction packages.

Interpretation of data for the development of the geological/ geotechnical model, instrumentation and monitoring associated with underground works (tunneling and deep excavations), and geotechnical database development and management. 

AGS-NZ, Geotechnical data transfer protocol, member of NZGS working panel. Management of Geotechnical databases on both civil infrastructure and tunneling projects.