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Alexander Strom, PhD

Current position: PhD Research and applied studies Geodynamics Reseach Center

Dr Dionysios Koumoutsakos

Current position: Engineering Geologist, Geotecnical Section, Beca Group

Prof. Paul G. Marinos

Current position: National Technical University of Athens (Emeritus)

Prof. Giovanni B. Crosta

Current position: Geological and Geotechological Sciences Dipartment University of Milano Bicocca

Dr Massimo Arattano

Current position: Researcher CNR IRPI

Davide Elmo, PhD

Current position: PhD, Assistant Professor (Rock Mechanics)

Simon Löw

Current position: Professor of Engineering Geology at the Institute of Geology of the ETH Zurich

Dr. Kerstin Danert

Current position: Director of the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) Secretariat

Haris Saroglou

Current position: Senior Teaching & Research Associate, School of Civil Engineering, NTUA, Greece

Vassilis P. Marinos

Current position: Associate Professor of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece Laboratory of Engineering Geology