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Target Exploration

Target Exploration

Established in 1990 as Target Exploration Consultants, a London-based Petroleum Exploration, Development and Production Geosciences and R&D Consultancy. Target Exploration’s multidiscipline geoscientists have been providing the upstream petroleum industry with basins, countries, concessions, fields and newventurs evaluations; conventional and unconventional oil and gas reservoirs studies; and alternative energy, geohazards and environments research. After 25 years of consulting services, R&D solutions, and numerous Petroleum, Geothermal, Environmental and Geohazard studies in and on MENA and other regions, Target Exploration Consultants became a UK-Limited Company No. 9880383 in 2015.


Start Date
17 September 2018

End Date
28 November 2018

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Imperial College, London, UK